JUST arrived. Straight from London.  And yes, we are the only USA way to shop them -

CERA candles. Simple perfection. We asked the founders, how do they talk about themselves? Fun to read what they say —

CERA_XX_0202 copy.jpg

"We are chandlers making small batch, hand made, scented candles in East London. We began in 2015 testing with waxes, fragrances, wicks and containers. We now have 9 signature scents, available in 3 types of vessel with single and double wick options.

We have created candles that have a simple, structural look using a soft creamy wax that maximizes scent throw, even unlit. You shouldn’t have to light a candle to enjoy it.

We use all recyclable packaging."

We especially liked this —

"We can't change the world but we can make it smell a whole lot better."

Enough said. Let us know if you're in. Happy to ship.